Welcome to Tamil Nadu History Congress (TNHC)

The Tamil Nadu History Congress has had its inception in the year 1993 at Coimbatore during the South Indian History Congress. Though there are two major history organizations namely the Indian History Congress and the South Indian History Congress the practitioners of History in Tamil Nadu felt the need to start an organization to cater to the needs of the historians from Tamil Nadu and encourage the younger scholars to deliberate in their home ground. Since its beginning, the Tamil Nadu History Congress has traversed many districts, Universities and Colleges. The membership both Life and Annual members is ever growing. This is a testimony to the active role played by the Tamil Nadu History Congress. Tamil Nadu History Congress invited leading scholars to deliver endowment lecturers and preside over the sessions. For instance, Prof. Eugne Irschick of California University, USA, Prof. R. Champaklakshmi of JNU, New Delhi, Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan, Chairman, ICHR, New Delhi, Prof. Y. Subbarayalau, Prof. N. Subramanian, Thiru Iravatham Mahadevan are few notable historians who addressed the Tamil Nadu History Congress.

Since its foundation in 1993, the members of the congress strive hard to uphold the very objectives of the Congress mainly the promotion of study and research in history in general and history of Tamil Nadu in particular.

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